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Vibrant Colours.

All Colours have the same viscosity so blending is made easy.

Thixotropic Qualities.

Excellent for glazing and overlays.

Impasto effects with ease.

Brilliant for Tromp l'oeil and portraits.

Great for the travelling ar

1/3 tubes now available - try the 5 pack 

1/3oz tubes

Genesis Heat Set Oil Paints 

the best a paint can be............................. 

How do you know Genesis will be the paint for you?  If you answer yes to any of these questions then Genesis Heat Set Oil Paints could be just what you have been looking for.
1. Do you get an inspiration and then want to paint and paint and can't possibly wait for oils to dry?

2. Do you have to leave your artwork when life interupts?

3.  Are you allergic to oil paints?

4. Does acrylic paint dry too quickly not allowing you the freedom to be as creative as you could be?

The list of questions goes on and on - all answers lead to Genesis Heat Set Oil Paints.

Please browse our site for more information regarding these wonderful paints or call Lynn on 07 54264685 or 0437183173  or 1300 661165. 

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Non-Toxic and Odour Free!

Heat-set fast drying oil paints
that will not dry until you are ready for it to do so!

Suits artists currently using watercolours, acrylics, pastels or solvent/turps based oils.

It is clean and safe! 

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Why is this artist medium used so widely throughout the world on a daily basis?

The answer is simple because the benefits are:

Odourless No more headaches or foul smell with this oil paint.
Non-Toxic Great news for all those people who suffer with allergies and can’t use traditional solvent based oil paints.
Dries on Demand! The only fine artist paint which dries when the artist chooses, and requires the paint to dry, whether it be in part or their whole canvas, heat is applied and then it can be dried within 2 minutes. Great news for impatient artists! ALL other mediums require various amounts of evaporative drying (acrylics and watercolours are too quick, oils are too slow). This product is perfect for all our varied and extreme climatic conditions!
No Wastage Genesis Oil Paints are always ready to use without any set up time or palette preparation, because the paint never dries until the artist is ready to dry their work, you never throw any out. Great news for artists pockets! Massive savings for the schools and colleges art budgets.
Genesis Oils Paints are not solvent or water based. This allows oil painting to be introduced to mixed medium classes/studios as there is no solvent smell. Safe and odourless in the home, workplace or classroom.
Pigments selected for their very high lightfastness ratings and strong archival qualities, allowing the paints to remain strong and vibrant from wet to dry state.
Purchased in screw cap jars rather than tubes, so if you put too much out on your palette you are able to put the excess back in the jar. You are also able to see the true colour.
No clean up - because the paint does not dry out, just get up and leave your brush and palette as is, come back the next day, week or months and recommence where you left off. No time wasted trying to reproduce special colours.
Genesis Oil Paints can be used on a variety of surfaces - canvas, Wood, Metal, Ceramic Bisque, Porcelain, Pottery, Gourds, Fabric, Polymer, Clay, Paper, Vinyl.
YOU - the artist has TOTAL control.
No More expensive than similar artist grade paints - Full range of 78 colours, varnishes, giclee, and mediums (thick & thinning) are odourless and non-toxic.

Try Genesis Heat-Set Oil Paints for yourself…
You be the judge

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